Services Offered By The NQF

The NQF or National Qualifications Framework in South Africa is mainly there to provide a standard for all education providers and facilities to meet in offering skills development and training in the country. Additionally the NQF can assist you in improving your current level of education to improve your future employment prospects. They do this be registering adult education and training institutions who meet with their standards for skills development and providing the courses to potential learners who have surpassed a school going age.

The courses provided by these institutions range from offering the most basic literacy and numeracy skills to secondary and even tertiary education and skills development. The NQF provides equivalency certifications for each of these levels of education that a learner can be tested on. For example, should a learner complete an adult education based programme that provides them with the same skills as a grade 12 graduate, the will receive the equivalent of a Matric certification form the NQF. It is important to note here that they will not receive a Matric certificate but only the equivalent thereof. However, each and every tertiary institution and employer in South Africa will have to accept this as a proof that the learner has acquired the skills necessary to perform the same type of tasks as a school leaver.

Further to this, the NQF can also assist you in finding employment that matches your skill levels. The NQF has a career advice hotline that you can call to find out what types of employment you qualify for within your current level of education. They will also be able to provide you with information on courses that you can enrol on to follow the career of your dreams.

Don’t settle for less and simply contact us to improve your current skills with an NQF accredited adult education course so that you can enter into a career and not just another job.

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