The Need For Adult Education In South Africa

The focus on adult education in South Africa has become a priority over the past years. This is due to the millions of South Africans who have never had the advantage of receiving an education under the Apartheid system that ruled the country in the past. It is no longer considered and advantage or privilege to receive an education and it is now considered a basic human right according to the Constitution of the country. This opens up the way and means for previously disadvantaged South Africans to receive an adult education.

This type of adult education in South Africa needs to include a number of elements. The most important subject for an adult learner to begin with is reading. The ability to read is fundamental in being able to learn any other subjects that form part of adult education. Writing can follow shortly after basic reading skills have successfully been achieved. The next step in the adult education is then to provide the adult learner with basic math skills. These skills need to include number recognition, counting and simple addition and subtraction equations.

These three basic adult education skills, reading, writing and maths, can then assist a learner in furthering his or her education. They can begin going through the levels of the Basic Adult Education and Training program and gain high school equivalency certifications such as standard 8 and Matric. These certifications can help the learner to improve their current employment and allow them to study at tertiary education institutions such as universities, colleges and technikons. They will also learn techniques that will assist them in better functioning within society as well as in a personal capacity.

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