Volunteers For Adult Education Classes South Africa

Community centres, town halls and churches have taken up the challenge to eliminate illiteracy in the country by offering their premises for adult education classes in South Africa. But there is still a great need for facilitators to take up this cause and begin offering their services to teach adult education. Most facilitators operate on a volunteer basis offering the most valuable asset at their disposal which is time. Facilitators for adult education classes need to receive training before they can begin providing their teaching services at the various centres across the country.

The Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET) initiative offers these training courses to any individual who wants to volunteer their time and services. ABET is regulated by the South African Qualifications Authority and Umalusi which is the Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training. These two institutions are there to ensure that adult education classes in South Africa meet with the standards for primary and high school certifications in the country. The certifications received through these adult education classes are not high school certifications but an equivalent of these.

A learner will be tested upon completion of the adult education classes. Upon passing these tests, the learner will receive the equivalency certification from ABET or any other adult education program through which he or she has studied. This certification is accepted by universities and other further education institutions across South Africa. This means that the learner can then better themselves further by improving their education at one of the facilities. Any employer will also accept the certification so that a learner can use the skills they have acquired through adult education classes to improve their style of living.

For information on where you can offer your time and services at centres for adult education classes in South Africa, please contact us.

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