Home Study Made Easy With ABET Online Courses

For busy adults that still have a desire to improve elements of their basic education, the internet has made it all possible educational and training materials previously only available to those attending learning institutions have now been made available to distance learners as ABET online courses. The concept of distance learning is far from new to South Africans and many thousands have studied and subsequently qualified through UNISA over the years while many others have taken correspondence courses. Adult basic education using ABET online courses is relatively new and seems certain to attract a large following.

Clearly, when seeking to gain a qualification using one of the ABET online courses, self-discipline plays more of a role in the student’s success than when he or she works under the watchful eye of a tutor. However, when studying by this method, learners follow the same curriculum and have access to the same high quality learning materials as those studying conventionally. ABET online courses present the study materials in a format that is more suitable for unsupervised use.

On the topic of tutors, UNISA now operates a dedicated ABET department through its School of Education that, in turn, offers a series of ABET online courses designed to train would-be ABET trainers. Their offering includes higher national certificate and diploma courses that cover all facets of compiling and operating courses for adult basic education  and training purposes; one more example of ABET online courses at work.

The number of South African adults that could benefit from some basic education may run into may hundreds of thousands and, of these, only a relatively small proportion are likely to be financed by their employer and permitted day-release to attend such courses. For others, the chance to study one or more ABET online courses at work, using the company’s internet connection offers a possible alternative. Those at home who have their own internet access, are also positioned to advance their basic education using ABET online courses.

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